Day 1 of the WEGO Health Activist Challenge-Time Capsule

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Basic Info
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To those opening this time capsule/blog on April 1, 2112…Gads, I sure hope health care in the U.S. is now delivered equally, and by providers that take the time to treat the CAUSE of problems, and not just put band-aids on the symptoms.

I recently discovered a group of people like me exist in the world. (Frightening, I know.) We are called “Health Activists,” and blog/post in social media to document our struggles with the health care system (and what a joke it can be), and to chronicle our health challenges in the hopes of helping others with similar ignored/undiagnosable/seemingly rare health conditions.

I have a jackpot of maladies. Yet, to look at me (as those with degrees in “parking-lot diagnostics” often do – most of you get what I mean), I look fairly normal. But in 15 years, I have gone from being a competitive powerlifter and personal trainer in remarkable shape (albeit a few pains from the underlying illness that had not yet surfaced completely), working 70 hours a week as a senior litigation paralegal in a major law firm, to a “rapidly aging-can’t even get through a yoga class-and don’t try to work at ANY job more than 3 hours at one time” waste of oxygen and space.

Almost EVERY SINGLE health issue I have, save for the brain tumor found on an MRI and an adenoma found buried deep in my excessive breast tissue by an ultrasound, I researched and diagnosed MYSELF. And once, I tracked down the doctor across the country to get some help. That’s right. Myself. And for my most recent triumph, I discovered the link between opiates, pituitary hormone dysfunction and the primary sex hormones (based on research that BEGAN in 1979! Not exactly new stuff) – all because I suddenly entered an extraordinarily painful “2d adolescence” (at 47!) SIX doctors didn’t have a clue what was going on. What a waste of money, time and years spent in medical school. There were loose connections drawn, but not one tried to find THE CAUSE. Why did all these people go to medical school if they don’t want to help heal people, to find the cause of suffering, and to ameliorate whatever it is that is making their patients ill.

You know, if I wasn’t blessed with the rockin’ research skills I have, I’m sure I would be dead by now. I sure the heck hope that in 2112, people don’t have to literally fight for health care and attention as I have had to do.

Perhaps by now (2112) , the humane genome can be sequenced affordably, and doctors will look there when maladies that don’t fit into their little collection of diagnostic boxes.


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