Day 5 of the WEGO Health Activist Blog Challenge: Inspiration from a random, interesting photo

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Basic Info, Do Doctors Care?, History

My Random Photo

The assignment for Day 5 – to write about a randomly selected photo on Flickr.
This is the picture.


My name is Lori. I am a “complex patient.” The multiplicity of my medical maladies are not easily understood. Through my numerous encounters with a plethora of health care providers I have learned that what some may see as a challenge – or even interesting, others see as a nuisance – or an impossibility.

What can’t be discerned at a glance often isn’t worth the investment of time and resources. After all, NOTHING may be there at all.

I feel like a piece of refuse on the streets down there.
Like a discarded, dirty, worn, faded business card in the gutter.
Crushed and crumpled by pedestrians, trucks and buses.
Scarred by the sand that gets ground into it with every step or bite of a tire.
Stained by leaked oil from the passing vehicles, spilled coffee of careless commuters, cigarette butts of those that choose to burn their money.
The card may have had importance at one time.
(Some cultures treat all business cards with great respect. SOME.)
This card, lying on a street in the city you are looking at, was important.
But, the format was dated, and the font in which the name was written, uninteresting.
Nothing useful was printed on the card.
Just a name, a website, a phone number.
No fancy logo made this card special. Not even a Twitter handle.
And so, it was dis-carded.
Without even a glance…
At the back of the card.


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