Day 8 of the WEGO Health Blog Writer’s Challenge: Conversation snippets with a doctor that cares!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Basic Info, Do Doctors Care?, Pain, symptoms and diagnostics
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Today’s assignment: relate the substance of the best conversation you have had this week.
Problem: I have has a migraine for, literally, 4 days. How in the heck am I supposed to remember the details of any conversation I had this week? Plus, thanks to that, I ruined my husband’s weekend. Which makes me feel even worse. Which clouds my brain even more.

So, picking through what I can access, here are one if the best snippets of conversations this week:
At Boston PainCare, with Dr. Lee Silk: this was my first visit to BPC. This place is top notch, amazing, cutting edge, and phenomenal. I can’t believe that this place never hit my radar before now. Dr. Silk is the doc (and co-founder of BPC) that completed my intake interview. Some of the things he told me (not verbatim-even though i used quotation marks – as my eidetic memory is nonfunctional at the moment) during this appointment that made me know that I had found a group of doctors with a superior standard if care are:

– “I’m so glad you brought in written details of your surgeries, your current and prior medications, and your parent concerns. It’s very helpful and you did a great job!”
– When I told him that the insurance company took away the medication that worked for my migraines, he said: “Don’t worry. We can take care of that!”
– “We will discuss all options of pain management with you and let YOU decide what you feel will work best. You have had every type of injection and none of them really worked, so let’s find some different approaches to your condition.”
– “You are really NOT on that much medication, considering what you have been through.”
– “That’s fantastic that you found the interferential TENS unit, and that it helps you.”
– “We DO offer sedation for injections and procedures. You don’t need the additional anxiety caused by the procedures.”

I also met Dr. Counihan as well – he performed the best and most unique and comprehensive physical performance assessment I have EVER received anywhere. Wow.

I have 6 appointments scheduled with 4 additional providers in the next month. I am so excited. I think that I have actually found the chupacabra of the medical field – doctors that really DO care.



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