Day 13 of the WEGO Health Blog Writers’ Challenge: Top 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Posted: April 12, 2012 in about me
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The assignment today…the top 10 things we couldn’t live without (or things we really love):

1. My husband, Kurt.
2. My birds, Q (Severe Macaw), Topaz (Citroen Cockatoo), and the 2 ‘Keets.
3. The body of energy/thought/consciousness that SEEMS to exist – that describes the many shocking “coincidences” that I have experienced throughout my life.
4. The lessons my mom taught me while I was growing up.
5. A safe, decent place to live.
6. Good food to eat and clean water to drink.
7. Weather-appropriate clothing to wear.
8. Empi IF3Wave Interferential Stim Unit – my major source of pain management
9. Zomig (migraine medication).
10. Afrin menthol (for my allergy “attacks” or whatever causes my sinuses to slam shut)

This was fun!



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