Day 14 of WEGO Health Blog Writing Challenge: My Dream Day

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Medical Conditions, Pain
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The assignment today is to write about what our “dream day” would be like, if it ever happened.
I am not feeling well today so I dunno how this will go.

I would wake up, and not be apprehensive about how I may feel.
It would be at a time society considers “normal” (the DSPD I have keeps my schedule set: 230a-11am is when I sleep. If I deviate for several days, I get physically ill.)
I would be able to get up out of bed like a normal person – no burning, deep aching pain.
I would walk to the train to get to my job (the one I don’t have because of the pain I am in).
I would work in the medical research field – my dream job of researching the CAUSE of illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s (I worked I drug discovery as an associate scientist before the pain ruined everything)
After a rewarding day at work, I would go to a power yoga class, like I do 3 days a week. I wouldn’t worry about how bad I may feel afterwards. I could go-do my best – and enjoy it!
I would then go home to my husband, Kurt, and we would cook dinner together.
Then we’d hang out together with our parrots and watch “Storage Wars” or something fun we had Tivo’d, then we’d go to bed. I would fall asleep easily, without anxiety, without worry of how much pain I may have later that would wake me up.

Notice I didn’t take a single medication. For anything.
I had no pain, other than the good kind of pain you have after an exercise class.
I worked. I have a job.
I have energy to work, do yoga, and cook dinner.

I would be so happy if one day, this dream could come true.



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