Day 19 of the WEGO Health Blog Writing Challenge: My dream dinner party?

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Medical Conditions, Pain, Research
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Who would I want to have dinner with, and why?  Anyone, living or dead can be there. In no particular order, I present my dinner guests:

1  . Dr. James Watson, of DNA fame, not Alexander Graham Bell’s Watson. WHY – the dude is smart!!. He is still working, connecting DNA disasters to common aliments, proving that much of what we suffer with is predetermined by our genes.I had the honor of meeting him once. Wow.

2. Dr. Aaron Filler, from Santa Monica CA. An extraordinarily  intelligent man with proven theories and ideas that the medical community needs to sit up and pay attention to.  He invented an imaging technique that proved to all the naysaying doctors I had seen that I WAS RIGHT about where my pain was originating and that I had a massive area of congealed nerves that wasn’t working right, and had managed to kill off a piece of a muscle in my buttocks. Oh – and this problem was due to genetic defects n my piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve. Proves we are not all alike on the inside and that pigeonholing just makes matters worse. Look how bad I got being pigeonholed for so many years. This man serves to be on a postage stamp.

3. Every party needs comic relief. I choose Louis Black, a man familiar with the perils of aging, and someone who would be able to crack jokes appealing to all present.

4.    My husband, Kurt, whose wise ways, sharp wit and insight have kept me sane and alive for the past ten years.  He deserves to be in the presence of such greatness, since I consider him to be one of the Great Ones himself. With the level of intelligence he displays when figuring out the massive amounts of problems life tosses our way, I wish that I could have him bestowed with a J.D.  so he could right all the wrongs we have encountered the past several years.

5.  Richard Branson, an outlier to most, but an exquisite thinker beyond his years. Maybe with the brain trust I have created could they come up with something that could help people like me to live a normal life.

But, I need a 6th…

6.  I couldn’t leave out Steve Jobs. Whatever was created by the other 5, if they did in fact come up with an answer to chronic pain, Mr. Jobs would finesse, and make it so appealing, that even the closed-minded doctors in Boston would see the light.

So pull up that extra chair for Mr. Jobs, garcon, we’ll be here awhile!






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