Day 29 of the WEGO Health Blog Writing Challenge: 6-S story. How I got this way.

Posted: April 30, 2012 in about me, Medical Conditions

Six sentence story. Easy enough challenge. Here goes:

Fit and fine.
Smashed from behind.
“It’s a disc problem, have this surgery.
Whoops, we did that wrong – have another.”
“Three more ops and it’s still not right.”
Oh – its that muscle plus a nerve or three, wrapped too tight!

UPDATE: Did it wrong. Must write it in a paragraph. They should’ve told us that.
(I like my original better.)

How I Got This Way

In 1997 I was a personal trainer and competitive powerlifter, with a goal to be “awesome at 80.” Then a dweeb in a yellow Dodge pickup truck driving at 50MPH and not paying attention hits my raspberry Honda. The doctor-gods inform me it is a torn annulus, and that they can fix it using some new implants in my spine. Whoops-that didn’t work, and the doctor-gods tell me I’ll be fine once they implant these titanium cages in my spine. Three more tries to make things all right, and I am still in pain, and now unable to work. My diligent research found a REAL doctor to repair the tangle of nerves congealed around an atrophied chunk of muscle, leaving me with a dent in my butt.


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