Review: “The Doctor Will See You – If You’re Quick,” Newsweek, April 23-30, 2012, pp 46-50.

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Do Doctors Care?, symptoms and diagnostics
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So, I am NOT the only one that feels ignored, disbelieved, or unimportant when they see their physician (PCP or specialist). Reading this article was a huge injection of validation for my theory: doctors aren’t doing the job that they were trained to do, signed up to do, or dreamt of doing (except for the few that we’re pushed into med school by their foreign parents, so they could make lots of money to support the entire extended family – I know those exist b/c I went to school with several. Sad.

While comforting in a way, to see that mainstream media has recognized that:
1. Doctors are being pushed to practice an abbreviated form of the actual art of diagnostics by insurance companies/corporate capitalist America.
2. People are suffering (and dying) because of this.

No solution to this issue is offered, other than suggesting that doctors return to the basics of doctor-patient interaction: calling a patient by name, or actually calling a patient at home to check on them. What if the docs that the med schools are churning out don’t want to do this?

What if they are, like a majority of the (mostly foreign) pre-med students I went to college with in 2006, we’re just going into medicine for the money?

What can we, as consumers of the ailing healthcare industry, do to help save ourselves?

  1. Barry Pechner says:

    My wife has suffered with burning nerve pain in her abdomen since 1998 and has been seen and tested at many prominent hospitals, clinics and pain managment physicians all around the country. To date we still do not have a definative diagnosis.
    Our feeling is in line with yours regarding the fact that todays doctors get a significant amount of training on how to run and manage their business which deters from the medical curricula they are being trained for.
    The problem, as we see it, is that most doctors’ don’t really listen due to the time and financial limitations that govern their practices. The research community is the right place to find the listeners. So where do we find them?
    Pain is the greatest silent killer I know of since it creates a group of living, nearly dead, which we believe to be larger than any afflicted group in the world, though never mentioned! Very little, to date, is known about nerve pain and much more focus on this issue needs to be done through funded research.
    Pain medications such as opioids were meant for temporary use but due to lack of proper diagnosis and knowledge of nerve functions, doctors’ continue to make patients use these drugs which makes them dependent and causes them to be labeled as addicts. With limited options, both doctors and patients cannot address the causes of most chronic pain and must only deal with the symptoms.

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