Since the past 2 posts I have made were pretty “heavy,” I am going short today. I learned long ago that in order to receive the best care, I needed to “Keep Calm and Research it Myself.” Your doctors probably won’t. Scary, huh?

My favorite “medical professionals” blogs, and why I follow them:

Medscape Week in Review (and others) – I prefer to follow blogs targeted to the medical professional. Since I have to search consistently for info about my conditions, these blogs provide me with current and relevant info I can confidently bring my doctors. It’s free to join Medscape, and there are many topical “newsletters” to follow. I list the Week in Review choice here since it covers all the stuff I’m interested in learning about in one place, based on the selections I made when I joined the site. I highly recommend it for ALL health advocates. You will be shocked at some of the things you read – the ridiculous new diagnostic and treatments recommended by non-governmental and quasi-Governmental agencies shock me the most. Learn how YOUR health will be effected due to the ACA requirements the mainstream media doesn’t talk about!!! – a physician/healthcare provider website that has a weekly blog-type newsletter about the world of chronic pain. Learn what docs are being told about YOUR pain conditions and how to treat them. Informative, necessary info for anyone with pain conditions. – the bast I saved for last! This is a blog/newsletter that compiles links to other blogs/newsletters written BY doctors for doctors. Although, most don’t mind hearing from patients in their comments (although one write routinely deletes all my comments – how ruuuude!). I’ve learned so much from this blog – their focus is on all the stuff trending in the medical communities (coincidentally the stuff I love to learn about – such as the truths about the ACA and how it’s effecting docs and patients negatively; new guidelines that are being issued by non-govermental and quasi-governmental agencies that are limiting YOUR care in the future, EHRs, docs on social media, evidence p-based medicine, etc.). This one is “mos def” a “Join” for anyone interested in healthcare advocacy or the future of their healthcare.

Please check these out!!


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