NHBPM Day 4: bag of freakin’ crazy!!

Posted: November 5, 2012 in about me, Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (Dysautonimia)

What to carry, what to carry….having as many weird health challenges as I have (which, thanks to fellow bloggers, I’m learning may all be related) I tend to have a large assignment if strange items with me most if the time. Here’s a summary:
– my iPhone. Not only essential for keeping up to date in latest medical advancements from my many blog/newsletter subs, it also has great apps on which I can lower my pulse rate, meditate, self-hypnotize myself, totally distract myself from my sx with crazy games, etc. it’s not just for phone calls anymore.
– my FSA card and health insurance card – never know when I’ll end up in the ER or at a doc with what I’ve got going on – must be prepared.
– socks and gloves, for when the Raynaud’s kicks in.
– migraine meds, Zomig ZMT AND nasal spray – must be prepared for a slow onset (pill) or fast onset (grab the nasal spray!!)
– small BP cuff/heart rate monitor – gotta monitor the ups and downs so I can’t document the craziness that I experience. The iPhone has a notes function in which I record the readings.
– Afrin nasal spray – autoimmune condition means lotsa allergies, and I never know what will kick them off. Afrin nips allergy attacks in the bud! Effective since I was 9 years old! (Wow, that 40 years of successful use – no one even MENTION rebound issues. Never had them.)
– Ativan. My autonomic symptoms are so bizarre, sometimes they really cause serious anxiety. Having a couple pills handy can prevent my BP from really topping out, or slow the tachycardia down to 110 from 130.
– water. Must have water. It’s a requirement with Dysautonomia.
– “Fun Size” candy bar. Not an excuse to eat candy, but when my BP bottoms out to 60/45, sugar and chocolate boosts it up a bit. No, I don’t have low blood sugar. Think about what sugar does to a kid. It revs you up – which is exactly what someone in my condition needs when those pressures get loooow.
– a bright green expandable tote bag (thanks LL Bean!) helpful for putting all of my belongings in during a surprise ER visit. I don’t like using the hospital-supplied bags. They are too easily misplaced by staff.
– my IF (interferential) unit. Like a TENS unit, but waaaaay better. Used to stop my back pain: beats taking opiates!
– camera – I do photography on the side, when I’m not feeling like crap. If a feel-good moment happens, I’m ready!
– oh…the usual, credit cards, numerous store discount cards, a nail file, lip gloss and a small tube of hand cream. The not-so-crazy stuff most everyone carries.


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