So funny but so true.
The more time we get into this ACA mess, the less time we will have with our doctors. Federal mandates are reducing the $$ docs get paid to see their new batches of welfare patients. Thus, offices, like my PCP’s office, overbooks (their words, not mine). Also, just try getting into see a specialist! Talk about a JOKE…I am having chest pain, difficulty breathing, sky-high blood pressure and tachycardia, followed by periods of low blood pressure and bradycardia. And guess when I can get in to see a cardiologist…THREE MONTHS. See what happens with  THIS insanity…

This is what will happen…except by the time I get to see the doctor, I’ll be dead. The only doc i’ll be seeing is a pathologist.

Many people don’t like my blogs – you will never see me nominated for an award because I am not full of the bogus sunshine and rainbows and coping platitudes. Coping? That is NOT a life. I watched my mother deteriorate for 9 years after a stroke left her in a wheelchair. She wanted to depart this world, and tried as many times as a hemiplegic woman with dementia could do. She didn’t thrive – she suffered. Her love was a joyless hell. Here’s how I feel about the “coping” claptrap:



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