NHBPM Day 11: Escape to Unseen Worlds – Why I love photography

Posted: November 15, 2012 in about me
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My favorite thing to do is to take great photographs. When I went back to school for a biology degree in 2003 (after the law firm at which I was working decided that they couldn’t let me work part-time while I was recovering from back surgery #3. How kind of them. So, they let me go.), I became involved in research about invasive species, both plant and insect, and I was fortunate enough to end up in Costa Rica for 3 weeks, doing research. There, I was introduced to the beautiful world that most people don’t even know exists – the small, the seemingly mundane, the overlooked. I fell in love with the unique beauty of insects and their faces, and the intricate and not-well-documented world of fungi. When I am outside looking for photographic opportunities, I become another person. I am not a useless person with chronic pain and strange illnesses. I am an observer – an investigator – a interspecies spy, looking for that combo of intricacies that make me want to capture it on “film.”


I don’t believe in Photoshop, so I strive to take the best photos I can when I am out in the filed. I want to present what I see in the world to the rest of the world – unedited. Every photo of mine that you see is exactly how it appeared in nature: no color “correction;” no blemishes are masked; no features overemphasized. Natures elements are divine, beautiful and perfect exactly as they appear in the world.

I wish that I was too.

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