Why I stopped doing the WEGO Health Blog Challenge

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Medical Conditions, symptoms and diagnostics
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I had to stop participating in the @WEGOHealth blog challenge. I am having so many problems with my health right now, I literally couldn’t keep up with the daily posts. Kudos to those that can. I can’t think or write while fighting the nausea and chest pains curled up in a little ball like a sick kitten.

I’m so very angry right now with my doctors – not a single one seems to be taking all these crazy symptoms seriously. They just keep referring me to this specialist or that test, without taking into consideration how I’m supposed to live day-to-day with the symptoms I have. It’s as if no one wants to make the diagnostic leap.

Dr. House, where are you?? I really need you. NOW.


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