HAWMC Day 8: Sasquatch!

Posted: April 9, 2013 in about me, Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (Dysautonimia)

I have to give my husband bad props for coming up with this one. We are discussing the prompt for today – what animal is my illness?
He first mentioned “unicorn,” because they look great, bug no one believes they really exist (I’m told i look good sll the time, and docs often don’t believe theres anything wrong with me because of that), but I have a strong aversion to using unicorns in my blogs. Like rainbows and bunnies with fluffy, little tails – there is no place for unicorns in serious medical struggles.

But Sasquatch – oh yeah! (Or Yeti, his white-furred cold-weather cousin).
Why Sasquatch?
People believe in him. They find the evidence he leaves behind – his hair, his footprints, his detritus – but no one really sees HIM.

Just like almost every medical challenge I have:
1. The evidence is there.
2. The evidence can’t reeeeally be connected to anything in particular.
3. Some really believe that the evidence means something DOES exist.
4. The disbelievers and skeptics work harder than the believers in trying prove that the evidence means NOTHING.

Lets see, this applies to my pre-cancer in 1985, my autoimmune hepatitis in 1995, my large ovarian cyst in 1996, my neurological anomaly made worse by 5 unnecessary back surgeries, the painful, anomalous growth of axillary breast tissue, and now-this big daddy of all issues, this autonomic system disorder. (God help me get through the days j until I can find a doctor that will treat me.)



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