HAWMC Day 4 Redeux: Care Pages!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Caregiving
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My bad.
This topic was my idea and I dropped the ball.
When I made my recommendations to WEGO Health for blog topics, I was thrilled about this new resource I had found.
CarePages is this really awesome resource that allows patients and caregivers to create FREE web pages that are accessible only to those that the page creator allows. The purpose of CarePages is to let patients connect with family and friends during a health challenge, and helps patients to build a support circle. You can add links to credible information about your condition, create a blog about your journey, and allow loved ones to leave comments for you. You can also connect with others via the forums on CarePages that have similar conditions and learn what works – and doesn’t work – for others.
So – what at are you waiting for?? Head on over and create your own CarePage!!!

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