So, I’m getting ready to go to bed last night, and my email notification “dings” on my iPhone.
It’s my doctor (yes, I scored! My PCP emails me!!!) with my most recent blood test results.
In addition to my usual bizarreness of positive autoimmune tests, an elevated prolactin level (thank my pituitary tumor for that) – I’ve got diabetes!!! Little skinny ME has an A1C level that tips me into the world of diabetes. Despite eating quite well, save for the Coke Icee once a week as a treat, somehow I’ve ended up with the most common health condition in the US.
My question is this: we know diabetics often develop ANS dysfunctions, can an ANS dysfunction CAUSE diabetes?
Or this: my blood sugar levels have been a teensy bit high for 2 years (although nothing to make any if my docs say anything to me about it) – could I have diabetes as an underlying condition that has caused the ANS dysfunction?
Or even this: Could my ANS dysfunction have caused enough damage to my nerves that i have end stage organ damage already?
Is this why my feet are numb and tingly now? Is this why parts of my hands and face are randomly numb.
Dr. House – where the hell have you gone????



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