Just a shout out to my absolute most favorite health blogger – check it out for a good read!!


This is the header used by “Living WIth Bob” on her Blog. I hope that I won’t burn in hell for using this here as I am solely using her logo to promote her blog, not in any way to covet the Dorothy shoes….

Living with Bob: Gosh darnnit if this isn’t THE best health blog I’ve ever read. Michelle from OZ ROCKS her blog with lots of fun pix, realism and good ol’ sarcasm. She documents her struggles with her autonomic disorder which is darn close to what I experience. If anyone wants to know what life with an autonomic disorder (“dysautonomia”) is like, this is THE place to go and learn. I’ve even given her link to my doctors (so far, only one has checked it out). It should be MANDATORY reading for anyone that treats people like us – people with this life-robbing mystery illness. I can’t give you enough love, Michelle!  You are MY hero health activist!

One of my favorite blog posts by Michelle: How to Spot a Sick Chicken. Enjoy!

  1. And now I’m bawling 🙂 Thank you so much I’m really touched that you’d pick me for such an honour. I’m just glad I can help in any way with my ramblings. You’ve absolutely made my day xx

    • Lori says:

      I’m so glad you liked my review! Seriously – you are my idol! You inspire me to keep going-to keep a sense if humor – and keep working to find docs that will treat my many comorbidities. {{{hugs}}}

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