A Peer Blog Award — for ME!?!!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in about me, symptoms and diagnostics



I am so honored to have received the Versatile Blogger award from Christine, aka crshore, a blogger who is from the area I consider to be my hometown area, Southeastern Connecticut. http://boredsick.wordpress.com/about/.

Here are the “thank you” rules:

*Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post. [check]

*Thank the person who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post. [check]

*Share seven things about yourself. [check]

*Pass the award along to the bloggers you have recently discovered. [working on it]

*Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. [working on it]

Here are the seven things about myself:

1. I have a very strong desire to write a book about my life. I can’t decide what the focus should be, but I want to write something that inspires people to be the Phoenix I have had to be over the years.

2. I ADORE birds. I own four: a citroen cockatoo, Topaz, (currently being referred to as the Jodi Arias of the ‘Too world as she can be a bit evil towards me at times), a Severe Macaw, Q, who is a fantastic talker, and plays with large sticks and dogs toys, and makes it absolute dream to share life and a home with (especially when he whispers “nite nite baaaaaby burrrrd” to us evey evening in about 50 different ways), and 2 adorable parakeets that keep my condo filled with joyous sounds all day.

3. I have had several professional occupations: a police officer, a paralegal, and a biotech scientist. I hold three and a half degrees in Psychology, Sociology/Criminal Justice, Biology and Biotechnology/Clinical Investigation. I last worked in 2009, right before my mom passed away, my back problems became worse than they had ever been before, and I was unable to keep working in the biotech industry since the medications I was on for my back (and autoimmune issues) at the time interfered with the computational areas of my brain.

4. I never wanted to have kids – ever. I made the decision on a Spring day in 1968, standing in my front yard in Annapolis, MD. I have never had any regrets. This decision is no way was related to abuses I endured at the hands of my biological father, nor because of the inactions of my meek and likewise-abused mother.

5. I strongly believe that my health issues are directly related to the trauma I suffered from the time I was less than a year old through age 15. Research has proven that the structure of the brain and DNA can change as a result of repetitive, childhood abuse, and I believe that I am living proof. The several batterings and rapes I suffered throughout my teens and early 20’s has probably just added to my damages.

6. I attended nine (9) different grade schools before I “graduated” a year and a half year early in 1980 – missing a total of three years of grade school between ages 5 and 16. I immediately began attending Pensacola Junior College, grading with an AA degree in 1982.

7. My medical advocacy adventures beganwhen I used to sneak into the medical library located in the hospital across the street from PJC to research on some of the symptoms of lupus and migraines I had been suffering with since age 12.

I cannot come with fifteen (15) bloggers to bestow this award upon – I don’t read that many blogs. Of the blogs I DO read, the deserving ones are:

Rusty Hoe: http://bobisdysautonomia.blogspot.com/ (my idol from OZ!)

The Queen: http://queenofoptimism.wordpress.com/ (although she has been conspicuously absent for almost a year…I miss her insightful posts!)

Christine: http://boredsick.wordpress.com/about/

Heather: http://strengthcourageconfidence.com/


Lette: http://irishdysautonomia.wordpress.com/

Lindsey: http://dysautonomiac.com/



April 21 NOTE:

Seems like these “awards” are meaningless- EVERYONE GOT ONE. just like kids in sports these days – everyone’s a winner! (gag me)

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