“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

Yes, I can see that in nature, but I sure cant find that I myself right now. I’ve had a bad week (and no, the Boston lunacy had nothing to do with that).

In adversity I flounder, I anger, I seethe at the unfairness. I cry about actually being abandoned by doctors that are supposed to heal, family that is supposed to support, and friends that are supposed to lend a helping hand – and DON’T.

In adversity, like the kind I’m facing right now – the culmination of 49 yrs of abuse, sickness, pain, abandonment, and ignorance -I just want to wither and die.

I can’t bloom. I have nothing left from which to create such beauty.


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  2. Jackie says:

    I believe you’ll bloom! You’re still going through the process that creates the beauty and rarity. That’s not to say you’ll ever think it was all worth while, but I do truly believe you’ll come out of all of this with some beautiful, rare characteristic you couldn’t have gotten otherwise.

    I think one beautiful, rare thing I see in you already is how you share your deepest thoughts and memories, no matter how unpleasant they may be. Your ability to share this with other people lets them know they aren’t alone in their despair — it’s just there aren’t enough brave people like you out there sharing their true feelings.

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