HAWMC Day 22: A Few of My Favorite Things….

Posted: April 22, 2013 in about me, Basic Info
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I’ve been waiting a long time do write this blog post- I often thought people wouldn’t care about what I thought was awesome, but then I realized – that is how all these mega-bloggers make it big. Here’s my chance!!

These are things I can’t imagine ever living my life without – no matter what health issues I have!

1. My husband, Kurt. A truly unique individual – an eclectic artist, musician, and collector of uniqueness including traditional Dia de Los Muertos items, eclectic and exquisite Hawaiian-style shirts (most recently including custom Rehn Spooner Pixar movie shirts). A unique, wry, sense of humor beyond compare and an uncanny ability to cull through the madness in the world and find the humor in it. I discovered Kurt in 2000. I cannot imagine life without him, and I don’t want to. “>20130423-213019.jpg Drawing of Kurt by Kurt – he wouldn’t let me use a photo….

2. My birds. I am blessed to share my living space with 4 precious, yet sometimes incredibly frustrating (and in the case if one other, downright evil) birds: 2 parakeets, a Citroen Cockatoo and a Severe Macaw. Nothing could ever replace these amazing creatures in my life. I have learned so much about life, patience, animal intelligence and unconditional love from them – plus the fact they love pizza and ice cream.

20130423-214508.jpg Q-Severe Macaw (photo by Kurt) “>20130423-223126.jpg Topaz-Crazy Citroen Cockatoo (Photo by Lori)

3. Our Dyson Hot+Cool. Yes, a heating and cooling device has a dear place in my heart. Not only has this miracle heating and cooling device saved us mucho dinero, it keeps me warm (and on the rare occasion, cool) in a gentle, comfortable, efficient way.

4. My iPhone5. It plays games with me. It is my stereo. It is my reference library. It connects me to the world – literally, and all it has to offer. It takes dictation so my Raynaud’s fingers don’t scream in pain. It broadcasts guided meditations, podcasts and sleepy-time music – just for me. It lights my way to the loo at night…and keeps me company when I can’t sleep with its fantastic apps. It’s also my Communicator and my Tricorder (yes, I am a Trekkie!).

5. My iPad Mini. Ditto all the above about the iPhone, but, it’s bigger and kinder on my aging and infirm eyes. It also has some cooler games than the iPhone – shhh, don’t let my iPhone know!!

6. Bliss’ “The Youth as we Know It” Night Cream and Serum. Nothing works as well or smells as good as this amazing anti-aging cream that contains everything you want or need in a night cream. I’ve been using it for about 8 years now. I’ve tried lots of anti-aging goop. This stuff out-rocks them all! (Psst…I get it at Amazon or Nordstrom Rack on sale….)

7. Lush’s “Big” Shampoo. This stuff is simply amazing, and doubles as a great exfoliating body wash! Leaves my hair (what’s left of it) fluffy and smelling oh-so-amazing. I’m even more thrilled that Lush has recently introduced a Big Conditioner too! Yea!

8. The love I had from my Mom, despite our distorted relationship. My mom passed away in early 2009, but I really lost her after a series of nasty strokes back in 2000. Our relationship was convoluted, codependent and confusing. But if not for my Mom, I would have never learned to laugh as hard at the silliest little things, learned how to make pies and lemon bars then eat them straight out of the pan, or made the best of some of the most heinous situations life can throw at you (like how to make sleeping in a public restroom in a National Park seem OK, and even fun).

9. Afrin Nasal Spray – the aerosol pump kind. First prescribed (yes, you young folks, it used to be RX only!) to me at age 8 by flight surgeons at the local Navy Dispensary (I was a, pseudo-Navy brat) to help with my sudden and severe allergy attacks, it has saved my bacon countless times over the past 41years. I cannot and will not be without it. Ever.


10. And, speaking of bacon….BACON! Salt-carrying goodness that helps me keep my BP up and tastes great! My favorite brand s from Trader Joe’s – PreCooked, Uncured, No Artificial Stuff or rGH used. It’s thick and meaty and gives me a reason to get up in the morning when nothing else could make me leave the warmth and safety of my reclining place. Worth every penny!



  1. Great blog; I also have dysautonomia!

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