HAWMC Day 30: The End of the Challenge

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Basic Info


So I made it through a whole month of blogging. I look forward to more challenges with WEGO!

What did I like best?  Sharing my favorite links with folks…explaining how I do my research…and,Wordless Wednesdays! Brilliant idea!

What didn’t I like? Some days it was just a chore to write due to this autonomic disorder – or my autoimmune disorder – or a combo of them both. I didn’t like that a lot of the prompts were recycled from prior challenges – and this time – the WEGO team didn’t give us alternatives.  And Day 7 – I just didn’t like the Day 7 prompt (“Sensationalize!). It reminded me of when i was in grad school and I had to make up drugs and then design clinical trials for them. Blah. There is so much negative blather and bogus crap out there on the interwebs, we really don’t need any more garbage polluting the bandwidth, bogus or not. Like the State Farm commercial, some people believe EVERYTHING on the internet…I don’t want to encourage that.

This experience in one word?  SATISFYING. I completed something. Completing anything for me is a huge deal. Not being able to work since 2009 has made me feel useless. So, doing this challenge made me feel as if I may have some worth. I “met” some real great folks too. I am grateful for that as well.

  1. Christine says:

    You did a great job….thank you!

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