Applying for SSI/SSDI w/Autonomic Nervous System Disorders

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (Dysautonimia), Disability SSI/SSDI
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I am soooo thrilled to see this posted – so I am reblogging it here from Lindsay’s blog – Thank you Molly Clarke from Social Security Disability Help!

The original post is here….

I DO have questions as I know the certain people with ANS disorders (remember folks, “dysautonomia” is NOT a term used commonly in the US to describe the 25+ conditions that fall under the umbrella of what ANS disorders) that gave had a relatively easy time getting approved as they
1) did not call their problems, ‘ “dysautonomias.”‘
2) As Ms Clarke suggested, these people listed EACH malady that the ANS disorder gifts us with (for example: delayed gastric motility; orthostatic hypotension; reduced blood volume, visual disturbances, labile BPs, etc. and provided documentation from their team of docs to back up their claims in a cogent manner.
3) Used careful consideration about using “POTS” as a disabling DX, since MANY POTsies post all over social media about their team sports in school, their 5k runs, etc….POTS is officially listed in places like the Merck Manual as a “self-limiting condition” and other sources – (I think Medline is one, and there are at least 2-3 more medical apps that are used by docs to gather details a out these conditions that describe POTS as something that “resolves” after the initiating event that causes it (pregnancy, growth sports, surgery, etc.) Yikes.

(As an aside, I recently had a nice email exchange with a real live cardiac doc the said 50% of his POTS patients had either small hearts or another myopathy. THOSE diagnoses are much more powerful and permanent than “POTS..”)

Also – PLEASE be careful about your social media postings, photos, exploits that are documented by others….I worked insurance defense ferreting out bogus claims for years…. Running a 5K, being photographed have a hellacious time at a baseball game with beer and friends, or showing all your lovely landscaping skills can REALLY cause some raised eyebrows in the reviews of applications…just be judicious and modest.

Thanks again to Lindsey for having this guest blogger describe the basics of applying for disability.
Awesome idea!!!!

  1. nmbrsrgr8 says:

    You have a wonderful blog that I love to read!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find more about the award at the following site.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for reblogging!!

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