May is Borderline Personality Awareness Month

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Borderline Personality Disorder
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Not sure whether the Jodi Arias trial will bring even more negativity into the lives of people diagnosed with BPD (for those that didn’t follow the sensationalized 4 month trial that is STILL going on as if 5/8/2013 – shes been convicted and is now awaiting the penalty phase, the prosecution used an expert witness to ascribe BPD attributes to Jodi’s murderous, stalking ways. Sigh – just what the mental health community needs)
This reblog I found on the Healthworks Collective blog was a true bright spot. I didn’t know that there was a month dedicated to BPD. However, I was still quite surprised to find patent negativities being published in scientific journals as recently as 2012.
Gads, people…do some research about this and dispel the tales of horror.
Just don’t make Jodi Arias your spokesmodel.

Thank you. Rhona Finkel, for reblogging this on Healthworks so I can reblog it on my blog….

  1. It is completely my pleasure. We really thought the day ought to get its due, for what seemed to be more-than-obvious reasons! And, as you point out, there’s still a lot of awareness work to be done.

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