Probably 98% of the people that read my blog would consider themselves epatients…so I just had to reblog this – the comments in response to this article are worth the read – especially since some of the comments come from real live doctors!!
Thanks to Katie Stensberg for initiating this discourse on Healthworks Collective.

Here is MY response to the article AND the other responders. I’m interested to hear from others about this issue – until we significantly resolve this negative ePatient attitude that doctors have, we – patients – will continue to be at the mercy of the 12 minute doctor visit, the snapping off of all conversation by yhe dictors after 18 seconds of attempted patient input (sorry, I don’t have the reference handy for that statistic). We will continue to be “the hypochondriac in Room 4” or the “migraine in Curtain 2.” Our zebra-hoof eats will continue to go ignored, and we will be misdiagnosed, mistreated and dismissed by the paternalistic structure that somehow STILL exists here in the most developed country in the work in the 21st century.

My response to the article/comments:

“Yes. But. Most (not all, but MOST) docs loathe their patients trotting in with WebMd articles and printouts from various fora under their arms. I know this first hand. From dealing with MANY doctors. I’m no dummy, either. I have a medical and legal background. I’ve been researching health issues since I was 16, and had to sneak into the medical library at my local hospital – for it was “doctors only.”

I am blessed (yea-right) with several weird, bizarre, rare hard-to-diagnose conditions. Not my fault, folks. I didn’t choose my DNA.

But for my perseverance, I would not have the care I have now – and I STILL need more.

However, it is the sprouting up of these unprofessional, care communities where lay people dole out remedies as if it was the 18th century. (Really – telling people that certain NPs are “dangerous, when in fact they are actually quite normotensive – telling people to take drugs that are clearly contraindicated for their conditions – they would know that if they were using Scholar or PubMed…but they aren’t!!!! These people are harming themselves and others!!! (And ruing the reputations of skilled advocates and researchers such as myself!)

Its no wonder doctors have given e-patients the derrigatory label of “cyberchondriacs.” Look it up! It has its own Wiki entry!!

The ONLY WAY to get ePatients to be RESPECTED is to get these people searching on the proper sites…using peer-reviewed journals…medical texts, etc. and stop using anecdotal blather from Facebook and other “support sites.”

i recently wrote a “how to” blog post about the basics if successful researching for advocacy – I wish I could reblog it all over the web !!! I would put it on billboards if I could! Things WILL not change for patients untiil they start to bring docs cogent, respected research and evidence about their conditions that they cannot refute!!!

If you’d like my blog info, I’m more than happy to share! ”

EPatient 2013


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