Interesting story.
I had a test a few days ago at a large, well-known Boston hospital.
The tech (well, this person was a bit MORE than a tech) related a story to me that made me cringe…and emphasized the need for more docs to a) realize that patients aren’t that stupid, b) that they are not making use of the any resources available to them on any e-device they may have access to to help their patients, and c) arrogance is running amok in Boston physicians, to the detriment of their patients.
The anecdote:
the person ( the “tech”), a well-trained and informed individual, was having symptoms consistent with a serious condition – Lyme disease. Since this tech is an employee at this world-famous so-called “cutting edge hospital,” the tech was able to see not just one, but THREE specialists in Lyme disease. Each one said that, no, this person did NOT have the disease b/c the famous “bullseye” pattern associated with the bite if the carrier tick of the parasite that causes Lyme wasn’t present. (I think by mow every person that has seen the TV show “House” knows the bullseye is not mandatory for a diagnosis of Lyme.) The tech was told that it couldn’t possibly be Lyme – that it must be something else. In other words, stop being a zebra, you are just a horse, you donkey.
It took a visit to doctor #4 (the doc that discovered Lyme!) for this tech to be diagnosed with Lyme.
Four doctors at one of the alleged “best hospitals in the world” to pay attention to this person. WOW.
Because of this person’s job, this person was able to obtain antibiotics to treat the condition in time, even before doc #4 finally diagnosed the condition, thus preventing the Lyme from becoming a chronic problem.
Four doctors.
Cab you say waste of money?
What if this person was NOT in the medical field and didn’t have the smarts to doña bit of proper Internet research?
What if this person just thought all docs were always right and listened to doc #1 and didn’t purse additional opinions, only to develop complications from Lyme?
What if this person tacitly permitted themselves to be treated like a horse, instead of following the hunch that they may in fact be a zebra?

How many people is this happening to every day, all over the country?

It takes literal MILLISECODS for PubMed or MedScape symptom searches (or countless other doctoresque e-diagnostic assistance programs) to be returned on an e-device. So “doctors just don’t have the time to research each patients’ symptoms ” is not a good enough excuse.

Are you a zebra being corralled with the horses? Are you being treated like an ass?

Speak up.

Don’t become an endangered species.

20130524-035450.jpg (pix by CapturedbyLori2012)

  1. mum6kids says:

    Just found your blog. I wasn’t surprised by this story. I’m afraid arrogance and ignorance seems to be a pandemic among doctors. Sad and just a bit scary really.

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