Absence explained-and A CHALLENGE FOR ALL!!!

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been absent from my blog for awhile.
I am so emotionally downtrodden from dealing with all the paternalistic and micro-specializing docs that don’t seem to care that we are REAL patients that need their help,

Looks like I’m gonna have to, once again, go out if state to try and get help, as not a single specialist I’ve seen will look at me as a whole person, consider my medical history, current symptoms, environmental factors, etc.
It’s humiliating.

All of my research is seemingly for naught / other than that it assures me I’m not crazy – it is just that the doctors I see don’t stay current on advances in their own field. (Umm, if I can stay current on advances in their fields vis a subscription to Medscape Updates – so can they.) It’s their JOB after all.
How many doctors do I have to see for help that haven’t a clue about recent devices/meds and treatments recent approved by the King of Dealaying Necessary Treatment -the FDA – and therefore can’t even address the reasons why I am coming to see them: will these new treatments work for ME?
How do I know- I’m just an informed patient forced to advocate for myself – they are the ones that went to medical school…
I keep going cack to the first line if that Hippocratic Oath that physicians take when becoming doctors…”First, do no harm….”
Then I think about all the harm they have caused me emotionally and physically – the former for not believing me (see the Medscape article: “a narrative review of impact of disbelief in chronic pain” for some eye-opening facts…and the physical pain I suffer daily, some worse than others, mostly b/c they refuse to try and figure out WHY I have these issues – and just blow me off, stop returning calls, telling me flat out they can’t offer me any hep, or responding to my queries with downright nasty emails.
How easy it has become to give up on my own pathetic life, seeing than well over a dozen Boston survivalists have. Why should I bother trying to advocate for myself anymore when it seems to me, that based on the treatment (or lack thereof) I receive, sends a message loud and clear: “YOU ARE NOT WORTH OUR TIME OR ENERGIES”
If one more doc gives me that snarky “talk to your PCP about that” – I may just make a bigger deal about this stuff then I already TRY to do. Don’t these specialists realize I was sent to them BY my PCP??? Can’t they comprehend that? Nah, obviously not. I get that response far too often.
My wonderful PCP is at a loss as well. What is SHE supposed to do – she is doing the research and calling around, finding docs that specialize I issue I have. Then, these specialist disrespect her by saying the know nothing and that I should call my PCP. Asses. Plain and single. What the hell are they even doctors for, if helping a patient is such a burden for them.

I am DONE being a docs’ doormat, his burden, his waste if time. – I refuse to give another arrogant 30 yr old z chance for him/her to slander me In their reports that are part of my record with snarky and untrue comments about me personally…a chance got him/her to tell me everything is FINE when I’ve got abnornal test results I could paper my walls with….I’m done.

Last I checked I was a human…you know, a carbon-cased life form of extremres
but I guess turning 50 makes me less of a human, and less value to the world In general.
These arrogant status-seekers wouldn’t miss me if I did die from something they missed –
And they are missing quite a bit.
There are 7 billion people + on this planet – why should they care about ME?

How psthetic has heath care become in the US?? (Heck, don’t get me started on the superior treatment those in Australia receive compared to the US for my conditions.)

Yes, if my heart is “fine doc then why do I have debitTing chest pain daily? Numb arms/difficulty breathing/Irregular hear beats from 30-120. Sx that would send anyone else to the Art-but no, not me. I’m FINE. I had a cardiologist tell me so- after the 5 second EKG). Have these cardiologists read hoe inaccurate these tests are for women…oh, that’s right, they don’t read updates meant for them and published by their peers of Medscape.

They would just as soon see me die so I can be one more cadaver for them to make fun of in medical schools.

A CHALLENGE: for ALL Someone, please , prove me wrong- I challenge you / find me ONE doc, here in the US , that cares about MY life, my health (or lack thereof) , my ongoing and worsening symptoms….I double-dog date you…you won’t find a a single one..
Looking forward to some interesting responses!

Let the challehe begin!!!

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve missed you and am so glad to see you back. I wish I could type more, but I’m really weak, but please know I can relate to this and understand.

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