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I just spent three hours researching the advances in pain neuromodulation technology, suitable for someone with my condition. I had a conversation with my anesthesiologist that had left me “hopeful.” (I will live to regret feeling this way. Just wait…) Based on what I found, perhaps they’ll have something suitable for my condition 10 to 20 years after BItcoin becomes the World currency – not in 6 months, and not in a couple of years like he had mentioned.

So much for “hope.” How dare I think positively about the possibility that there might be a treatment out there that would be helpful for me.

As I have always said, “there’s no room in medicine for hope or unicorns.”

I have reached the end of my rope.

These sleepless nights are complete hell for both me and my husband.

My pain doctor tells me that there are no options left for me – in the United States anyway, until the U.S. decides to catch up with the needs of patients like me, as have other countries in other parts of the world the recognize that patients with chronic pain need pain relief – other than drugs – so we can sleep.

I’ve tried every intervention, Eastern, Western, New Age, etc., all to no avail. I’ve had six surgeries just for this pain issue. And I am STILL left with miserable pain that keeps me up at night, that now, due to the fact I can only lay on one side, my L rotator cuff that has already been repaired twice is re-torn.

I am left without options. Basically, I am a useless pain generator that takes up space in my tiny condo and hurt myself somehow whenever I try to do more than walk across the room (i.e., laundry, vacuuming, emptying dishwasher, etc.).

I’m not even going to mention the other chronic health issues I have to deal with. Compared to this pain issue, those are soooo secondary.

Please don’t tell me to try this exercise or that therapy or meditate or pray or try yoga etc. I’ve done all that. Remember, it’s been almost 17 years now that I’ve been dealing with this. And it’s been almost 17 years that I’ve been misdiagnosed by doctors. I have FIVE pages of “interventions I have tried…and yes, I have seen a Shaman and had my Chakras cleaned. And had prolotherapy…I just know someone wanted to throw that one out there.

Most people are “new” to the chronic pain community…they have suffered only a few months or a few years. I’ve lost who I was  – my life, my career, my motivation, my friends – all because of being a person in chronic pain. Try 17 years of pain….multiple surgeries….countless treatments…and still being in pain.

And alone. No one wants to be friends with a person that has chronic health issues.

No one wants to help a person in chronic health issues,

[I’m not bringing up all the misdiagnoses that occurred since I was 12 years old…That’s a whole other set of stories for another time.]

My point writing this blog entry?

To illustrate that all the good intentions, the finding of promising research, and having a great PCP, really doesn’t make a difference when there is absolutely nothing out there, short of suicide, that’s going to take away this pain.

Those of you with chronic illnesses know that finding a support system is not easy. I don’t have a support system. Literally – well, other than my husband, that can take me to an OCCASIONAL pain management appointment. Since he is not allowed to take days off from his job without repercussions, he can only do this on work holidays. This means that the treatments that I’m able to receive are few and far between, and not in line with the recommendations of the doctor.

Nope, and there’s not a single soul on the face of the planet, that has the time, inclination, ability, desire or compassion to help me get to these appointments that I desperately need to go to to get the help I need.

I know. I had the pleasure of being humiliated when I’ve asked and watched them struggle to come up with excuses as to why they “can’t.”

Perhaps is just because I live in Massachusetts, and that’s the way people are here – too busy and too self-involved to help anyone else that’s in need.

My suggested solution?

How about a service, something like “ZipCar,” in which  you can “rent” a “responsible person” to accompany you to these appointments and drive you safely home after your procedure????

Hmmm… I wonder if TaskRabbit offers a similar service…I know that works on a bidding system. …

[Yes, I know there are medical transport services available now, but they charge exorbitantly high prices (minimum $250 PLUS mileage!!!!), and that is not exactly budget-friendly someone on disability.]

Ideally, some altruistic person or agency could open up a respite home for those in chronic pain like me. We could all be put together so we are no longer a burden, a hassle, an annoyance and/or exasperation to what family we have left. And, we would not annoy them when we can’t sleep through the pain that we are all in all night. We could all sit u together and try to distract each other from the pain we are in. (Like me, tonight.)

Oh, wait. That won’t work, either. This is Massachusetts. No such place like that could ever exist here. Never mind!! What was I thinking?

(NOTE: no compensation was received from any of the companies mentioned in this post. I am just sharing what helps ME with others.)

I’ve been having a particularly difficult time with my SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction pain.

I spend many sleepless nights laying on tennis balls (yes, you read that right) and a creation I made of dog toys – these separate the joint and ease the pinching of the nerves, or whatever is going on when the SI is out of whack. The pressure also temporarily turns off the nerve signals to the brain – or that’s what I ve been told by the therapists that introduced me to this technique.

But, telling you this is not my reason for the post.

This link is!!!  The guy, Gary Crowley, of is a GENIUS.

The info he has on his website is more valuable than paying for one massage (but not a replacement for a massage therapist, of course, IF you can afford it), far better than trekking to PT 3 times a week (his videos had me accomplishing FAR more than ANY PT ever had me do in the 16 yrs I’ve had my SI pain), and best of all, all the techniques can be done at 3 a.m.! All by yourself (or a really understanding and empathetic friend)! Anywhere!

Please – if you have muscular or joint pain – check out his site!!

He describes all the anatomy in easy-to-understand detail in short videos – and for those that don’t want to watch the videos, the text and pictures are there on the pages under the videos.

He covers many pain maladies from migraines to jaw pain,  SI joint pain (YAY! – even uses a tennis ball!!),  to testicle pain and toe pain.

All you need is a computer (which you have if you are reading this)

and your hands (I use a small ball as I have hand pain issues),

and a tennis ball , or TennisBall


dog toy ball/soft ball (like these






or heck,

even a rolled up pair of socks will help!!




I also use one of these TheraCane   — a TheraCane — to help me with some of the techniques.I just happened to have this in my closet for many years and figured that it would be a perfect adjunct for Gary’s pain relief maneuvers. And, it is!

The best of all  – Gary’s techniques – THEY WORK.

And, I get to get some sleep.

Hope this information helps even one person just a little bit!