Find Fantastic Doctors here!!


10257853 Neurologist: Robert D. Fealey, MD Mayo Clinic, Minneapolis, MN (POTS)






BrandesMedNeurologist: Jan Brandes, MD, Nashville TN (Allegedly NOT affiliated with Vanderbilt ANS Unit)




(NO PHOTO) Cardiology: Cardiovascular Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston TX


Cardiology: Jason Smith, D.O. (Lourdes Medical Associates – Blaber Cardiology) Haddon Heights, NJ (Recommended HIGHLY over the docs at UPENN!)




Images 2

Cardiology:Devender Akula, MD (Lourdes Medical Associates)Cherry Hill, NJ (Performed TTT for patient, did extra research to help patient, emphasized how important it is is to stay on top of ANS disorders and keep looking for a cause. Serves as point of contact for this patient’s other docs.) 




Manalis PCP/Internal Medicine: Helen Manalis, D.O, (Lourdes Medical Associates) Haddon Township, NJ (Uniquely caring, researched entire disease process for patient)





NEUROSURGEONS – Peripheral Nerve Disorders/Piriformis Syndrome


Aaron G. Filler, MD Santa Monica, CA (Inventor of the MRN Imaging system – considers causes of peripheral pain other than spinal nerves – I wish he would train some East Coast docs in his methods.). 




GYNECOLOGY – Minimally Invasive Surgery/Unique Problems

Images 1

Stephanie Morris MD Newton-Wellseley Hospital, MA (Wonderful, personable doctor. Focuses upon fixing the problem, not just putting “band-aids” on the issue. FANTASTIC SURGEON!)





Katy johnston non cg 1991

Katherine Johnston, MD Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA (VERY knowledgable about very unique breast issues. Most helpful doctor I saw when I was diagnosed with the pituitary tumor and the prolactinemia and painful breast growth it caused – far more helpful than the surgeons, the endocrinologist and gynecologist I had seen.) Formerly at BIDMC, She is now a primary care doctor at MGH. If I didn’t have a rockin’ PCP already, I’d go see Dr. Johnston. 

(no photo) Linnea Meyer MD,(CURRENTLY ON SABATTICAL). Dr. Meyer is a true gem. She “gets it.” She is a dream doctor – actually follows research and listens to her patients when they bring her research. Provides true collaborative care.  I consider myself so very lucky to have met Dr. Meyer. Dr. Meyer actually calls other doctors (shock and awe!) to talk to them about me – and she even called the ER when I was there – it totally blew the ER staff away – they told me no one’s doc EVER calls when they are in the ER….she has researched my weird medical issues and helped me find doctors that were willing to see me. She does research on things while you are in the office with her – oh, and all office visits are at least a half-hour long!! And there is no waiting room full of people like the DMV or most PCPs’ offices.

(no photo) Dr. C. F. Bazoberry: Anesthesiologist and pain management interventionist – STELLAR! The ONLY doctor I would see at Boston Pain Care – and I have seen them ALL. This man is an amazing person, caring doctor, intelligent interventionist. I wouldn’t want to see any other pain management specialist. He is “the guy to see.”


(no photo) Mark C. Fisher, MD, MPH Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Fisher is probably the most knowledgable rheumatologist I have ever seen, and I have been seeing rheumys since 1987.  He is a good person and and good doctor –  rare combination.



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